83 % of young women have already suffered sexist comments on their outfit

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83 % of young women have already suffered sexist comments on their outfit

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The report is cold in the back, but hardly surprises.When we are a woman, these remarks on our clothes, our body, are daily, almost banal.In the street, at school, in the office: our appearance is often the target of reducing and degrading sexist comments.And it's frightening.

Today, in addition to the many experiences shared between relatives during private discussions, or internet users on social networks, the figures come to support our words.And answer in the negative to a question which, in an egalitarian world, would not have to be asked: are women free to dress as they want?

Thus, according to the #Moijeune study, carried out by OpinionWay for 20 minutes with a representative sample of 695 young people aged 18 to 30, 69 % of women in this demography entrust to have given up at least once during the lastyear to wear clothing for fear of sexist remarks or assaults.42 % of interviewees also declare that they had been victims of an assault on the pretext of an outfit deemed too short or too tight, 17 % several times.And 83 % have already undergone at least one remark or a whistling on what they wore, 67 % regularly.Distressing.

"Correct outfit": a definition with variable geometry

83 % des jeunes femmes ont déjà subi des remarques sexistes sur leur tenue

The subject does not come out of nowhere.Undi September 14, the high school girls and college students launched an eponymous movement that denounced the treatment of certain establishments in the face of the holding of young girls, when the boys were less, if not worried at all.An indignation that occurred in reaction to the reflections that several students would have received from school administration, judging their clothes "indecent", "provocatives", or even conducive to "deconcentrate the boys".

In response to this thirst for freedom and equality, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer dropped the expressions "correct outfit" and "republican resistance" as a reference of an acceptable attractive."I hope there is a certain sobriety in this area because there too it is an issue of social equality and then protection of girls and boys," he launched, generating a justified controversy.

Terms whose definition also seems fairly approximate in the minds of young French women (84 % of interviewed consider impossible or very complicated to give a definition of "correct outfit"), but less in that of their male counterparts (only 62 %respondents are in vagueness).

The analysis of two teenagers questioned by 20 minutes also perfectly illustrates the arbitrary side of the interpretation of the formula.When Julie, 14, trusts her parents-"if they approve of my outfit, it is because she is correct," she says, Camille, 17, translates that it means "hiding the private partsand respect the laws on exhibitionism ".As for the "republican outfit" on the other hand, no mentioned.