Bruce Springsteen: its 25 best times - Rolling Stone

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Bruce Springsteen: its 25 best times - Rolling Stone

The boss, which celebrated its 72th birthday this September 23, is a real human juke box.With more than 250 times to his repertoire, from AC-DC to ZZ Top via suicide, Jimmy Cliff or Pete Seeger to whom he devoted an entire album, the E Street Band is the most famous cover band of the 'Rock story.Here are the 25 favorite recovery from the editorial staff of Rolling Stone

1 - Twist and Shout

Initially sung by the Isley Brothers, a group of rhythm’n’blues, it was with the Beatles that the Boss discovered this title.It was even the first song he learned to play the guitar.Since then, he has played it some 367 times on time when we were in press.Springsteen sings it in general in the second reminder, when the atmosphere becomes electric.During his London concert at Hyde Park, when he was on stage with Sir Paul McCartney, the mayor of the city decided to cut him off in the middle of the title, due to cove- fire.Forty eight hours later, he will start his concert in Dublin right when he had been interrupted ... after having activated a giant switch.

2 - Trapped

Formerly an unknown title of Jimmy Cliff, the boss likes to include this cover (which he has already sung 250 times!) In his setlist.Of the original tempo, a light reggae, there is almost nothing left.The melody somewhat resembles the first version;The powerful orchestration has made this title one of its highlights in concert.

3 - War (What is it good for)

The "movers" version of this song by Edwin Starr has exploded to the ears around the world as a single accompanying the 1975-85 Live box.He will play it a hundred times during the Born in the USA and Tunnel of Love tour before highlighting it on special occasions.

4 - Dream Baby Dream

Everyone knows the admiration that the boss has to Alan Vega and his suicide group.This minimalist song whose final in climax as violent as passionate is one of the favorite covers of the boss. Il a commencé à la chanter lors du Devils & Dust Tour, et l’a interprétée plus de 70 fois ; avant de l’immortaliser dans une sublime version studio dans son dernier album en date High Hopes, en 2013.

5 - Santa Claus is coming to town

Cette reprise de Harry Reser & His Orchestra est le moment attendu de tous lorsque le Boss est en tournée en décembre.Sometimes the period is no longer enough, as once, where, on "Request", a fan of the city of Manchester asked him.Alas, the group had not planned Santa Claus hats, unlike its habit when it interprets this pleasant song.

6 - Who’ll stop the Rain

Bruce Springsteen : ses 25 meilleures reprises - Rolling Stone

Essential resumption of Creedence Clearwater Revival on rainy days during its outdoor concerts.Big fan of the CCR, the boss also played a number of songs from the band in Fogerty, notably "Bad Moon Rising", "Proud Mary" or "Travelin" Band ".

7 - This land is your land

Appearing on the famous Live 1975-85 box, this cover of Woody Guthrie testifies first and most of the deep attachment that links the boss to traditional folk music.Sung more than a hundred times on stage, on a slowdown tempo compared to the original version, this song is now one of the classics of the Boss repertoire.

8 - Chimes of Freedom

It is a powerful version, based on that of the Byrds more than on the original signed Bob Dylan, that Bruce integrated into his repertoire from the mid -80s.Sung each evening - solo as well as with Sting, Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman and Youssou N'Dour - during the Human Rights Now tour, this pacifist hymn will also be sung in Berlin, during his historic concert at theEast of the Wall, in 1988, in front of some 200,000 people.It appears, in its solo version with a long speech in the preamble, on a maxi 45-tours eponymous released at the time.


Classic of the repertoire of the American star, taken up by the clash on an EP in 1979, it is the original version of the Bobby Fuller Four that the boss has been in charge for more than 25 years.In general, at the very end of the concert, during reminders, to the delight of fans.

10 - Shout

Very trendy for this tour The River, this energetic title of the Isley Brothers which he played on stage 85 times to date, allows the boss to present the musicians of the Street Band and to keep his audience very hot during reminders.

11 - Jersey Girl

This title of Tom Waits, written in 1980, will be taken over from 1981 by Springsteen during a concert ... in New Jersey, at Meadowlands Arena, during the River tour.He will only change a word in the song, substituting "Whores" (damn), by "girls" (girls).She will naturally impose herself in the Boss repertoire: he will play it more than 40 times on stage and will appear in particular in the Live 1975-85 box and opposite B of the single "Cover Me".

12 - It’s My Life

A cover of the Boss idol, Eric Burdon and the animals.This song was one of his very first times, when young musician just signed, he began to survey the stages of the east coast of the United States.The boss has never hidden his admiration for Burdon.He will sing this favorite title more than 80 times in forty years.

13 - High hopes

A song from a "cult" group Angelène that the boss discovered when he lived in California and that he was going to see them in concert regularly.He will record this title for the first time for the EP accompanying the Blood Brothers documentary video, released in 1996.He will re-record this song, with Tom Morello this time, for the eponymous album released in 2013.And will sing this recovery more than 40 times.

14 - Brown Eye Girl

The boss has always had a bounded admiration for Van Morrison.Also, when he lets himself go, he takes up a title of his hero on stage.If he only sang 4 times this ex-the tube, he will also interpret another title of his mentor, "Domino".

15 - I'm Bad, i'm nationwide

Taking up ZZ Top is not within the reach of the first comer, in particular this totally unknown title having never been the subject of a single.But nothing stops the boss who played this song 4 times, especially at the very beginning of his career.

16 - Diddy Wah Diddy

We must surprise the public, also this cover of one of the emblematic songs of Bo Diddley embeds the public in an intense exchange with the singer.

17 - Not Fade Away

The boss sang several songs from Texan too early, Buddy Holly, to whom he has great admiration.He also sang his "rave on" tube over 30 times.

18 - Highway to Hell

During its previous tour in 2013-2014, the boss made a point of singing tubes from the countries visited, so in South Africa, South America but also in Australia and New Zealand.Hence the wild rewriting of the AC/DC tube which he gratified the Australian public.

19 - Sociedade Alternativa

This song by the Brazilian Raul Seixas whose text was written by the famous Paulo Coelho served as a concert opening in Brazil, in Sao Paulo then in Rio.Contestant song If any, this title was prohibited from radio during the dictatorship in Brazil.Bruce sang the title entirely in Portuguese with a tasty accent.Its very rhythm’n’blues version thanks to the big brass section that accompanied it at the time sounds wonderfully well.A must for amateur and above all, the Brazilian artist, a sort of tropical Elvis, who died in 1989, who skilfully mixed rock and rhythms of Nordeste, is an artist to discover.

20 - Born to be Wild

Another beginner title by "Born", it didn't take much for the boss to appropriate this title of Steppenwolf written by Mars Bonfire..If the original is, go take a look at YouTube to discover the amazing version recreated by the E Street Band!

21 - London Calling

Who better than the boss, although American, could interpret as powerfully and with so much conviction this song by Joe Strummer?Whether it is the poignant takeover with Elvis Costello, Steven Van Zandt and Dave Grohl during a moving tribute during the Grammy Wards in 1981 after the death of the singer of Clash, or the juicy and energetic version balanced at the opening of his concert atLondon in 2010, the power that the boss releases on this title is impressive.

22 - The Star Spangled Banner

Even the boss plays-in an instrumental version, alone at 12-Cordes folk-the famous American anthem.But to better launch "Born in the USA".He did it about ten times in the 80s.The tension on this flagship song of the Springstean work is then at its height.

23 - Pumpin ’Iron

This big boogie that moves is signed by the Pittsburg group, the Iron City Houserockers, of his lifelong friend, Joe Grushecky, with whom he regularly plays at Stone Pony, his favorite bar located in New Jersey.On this song, he does not raise cast iron contrary to what the title suggests, but launches into a Zz-Topian solo in devil!

24 - (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding

Written by the excellent Nick Lowe and brought to the pinnacle by Elvis Costello, this song is one of the favorites of the boss, which he sang a good dozen times, either alone with the E Street Band, or during the many concertsof charity in which he regularly participates, in particular the famous concert of "12-12-12".Energic in devil, modeled on the Costello version, far from the original country version of its author, the interpretation of this song is as enjoyable as it is exciting.

25 - Street Fighting Man

A stones cover balanced with rare energy, this is the rereading of this emblematic song of glimmer twins.Sent thoroughly the box more than 25 times on stage at its beginnings, this is one of the favorite covers of a "first era" Springsteen.

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