Getaways: the high valleys of the Ardèche in three days close

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Getaways: the high valleys of the Ardèche in three days close

Lyon Capitale takes you on a three-day road trip to crisscross the “green” Ardèche, the one we know less about and which is much further north than the famous Pont d’Arc! Remarkable natural sites, picturesque villages and original activities await you in the heart of a green setting just waiting to reveal its precious secrets to you... Has everyone fastened their seatbelts? On the way for three days on the small peaceful roads of the Val'Eyrieux territory.

Located in the north of the department, less than two hours by road from Lyon, the Hautes Vallées of the Ardèche unroll their green carpet. To the north, the peaceful waters of Lac de Devesset welcome you.

Escapes: the high valleys of Ardèche in three days close

Beyond, the small Ardèche roads wind through a rolling landscape of small hills and dense coniferous forests. Sometimes, a castle or a small village full of character arises between two hills. In the distance, the Monts d'Ardèche proudly display the impressive rocks and basalt flows that have forged its particular character, both peaceful and rocky.