Duel Ducati 1100 vs Triumph 1200 XC: Scrambler against Scrambler

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Duel Ducati 1100 vs Triumph 1200 XC: Scrambler against Scrambler

The family of motorcycles "scrambler" is numerous.It does not even stop growing, due to the fashion effect of lasting success that neo-retro type machines get with bikers and their attraction for all-terrain-or "all-trottoir".

Two manufacturers stand out on the Niche of Scrambler market.Two opponents that Motorbike.Com had already opposed in 2015: Ducati then launched his brand new scrambler "icon" 800 and Triumph continued to offer his iconic scrambler 900...

Four years later, motorcycle readers.Com - Who, as everyone knows, are a little more likely than the others - are entitled to the remake of the duel Scrambler (Ducati) against Scrambler (Triumph).Headliner in 2019, the new stars took muscle.Finally, displacement!

At Ducati, the big scrambled cube 1100 cc (1079 according to the technical sheet, see last page).Released three years after the SCRAMBLER 800 acclaim, it just blows its first candle.We can consider it as the original of this duel, in the sense that it "distinguishes itself from the common, comes out of the ordinary"...

At Triumph, the big Cube scrambled 1200 CC (1197 according to the scientists MNC).Latest of a long line, he has just arrived in concessions.We can consider it as the original of this duel, in the sense that it "emanates directly from its author or its source, is not a copy, a reproduction, a translation, a redesign".

Two "original" versions

In 2014, Ducati was a huge success thanks to his Scrambler 800.More than a new model, the Italians did not hesitate to consider their new phenomenon as a brand (yellow) in its own right, very distinct from the main (red).

The sympathetic entry -level Italian has also been available in all sauces: Bolognese, Carbonara, Icon, Full Throttle, Flat Track Pro, Mach 2.0, Café Racer, Desert Sled...In 2019, the 800 evolves slightly but the recipe does not vary: compact template, featherweight, live engine and neo-retro look.

In 2016 on the other hand, the SCRAMBLER Sixty2 had not met its audience of surfers/skaters: the half-portion (400 cc) with an overly salty bill (8000 euros!) Was a commercial failure with only 167 registrations the first yearin France, then 30 in 2017 and again 30 last year.

Duel Ducati 1100 Vs Triumph 1200 XC : Scrambler contre Scrambler

In 2018, Ducati tested the opposite formula: offer owners to scramble 800 to climb on a 1100.The manufacturer tried at the same time to attach the postponados of the good old "air" Mostro, insensitive to the charms of the very last Monster "with water".The assessment is positive: 367 Scrambler 1100 were registered in France last year, against 224 Monster 1200 (Standard and R).

In his argument, Ducati announces the presence in his "big" scrambler of a new l-twin.But motorcycle readers.Com - who, as everyone knows, are a little more observer than the others - will have recognized the features and the dimensions of the desmodue...

The Italian engine charms thanks to its fine cooling fins and its meticulously machined cards.The braided hoses connecting - by the left - the oil radiator are not as "fashion" as thermal bands on the collectors, but they offer a small "racing" button welcome welcome.Too bad the horn is so negligently fixed right next to it.

Likewise, too many pipes and threads are - a lot - too apparent...We therefore regret that the engineers of the 1100 have not known their product any more, because they lose a point against their English colleagues!

Motorbike.Com does not understand the choice of Italians more to install exhausts on both sides of the passenger saddle: this evokes more a "neo-monstro" look than neo-retro...The spirit of scramblers of yesteryear is absolutely not respected!That said, the low exhaust of the Scrambler 800 in no way shocked the bikers.

Ducati France, however, "of the pot" for this new MNC duel: the subsidiary which did not have to scramble 1100 on our dates of riding directs us towards its Espace Murit dealer (Multi-brand in Châtillon, in the Hauts-de-Seine).The latter kindly entrusts us with the keys to a used vehicle: a "special" model.

A "very" special version

In this variation, the "spaghetti" scrambler adopts a gray (sober) color and a brown saddle (class), sturdy and matched diamonds.In addition, the mudguards with a little - too much?- Tarabiscotée, the reservoir sides and other dressing pieces are made of aluminum, often brushed.

The rear stocky and short of the motorcycle requires a long plate support, but thin enough to go almost unnoticed.The view of the rear crampt tire ("What Else"?) Mounted on its shelving rim ("What Did You Expect"?) Is that completely released.Well seen" !

"Our" Scrambler 1100 Special is also equipped with an accessory that makes it even more attractive: a lateral Termignoni double pot with ribbed tips - for more pleasure?- and openwork protections.This corresponds more to the Scrambler style!Note that this beautiful appendix is displayed on the online configurator at 1600 euros.Yes, all the same...

On the left side of the motorcycle, the unique and deported shock absorber is a solution that seems too modern: at Ducati, the Panigale use the same type of rear suspension.Very large, the double swingarm inspires confidence.On the other hand, the rear loop and the passenger footrest platinum looks excessively massive.

At the front, the solid inverted fork is devoid of bellows and protection.Again, the Italians voluntarily break with traditions.Unlike the Scrambler 800 which is satisfied with a simple disc at the front, the 1100 doubles the.

The Motorcycle Journal of the Net observes that the presence of the double disc is more due to the rank of 1100 than its performance or its weight: the 800 CC desert SLED develops 73 horsepower and weighs 209 kg all full, while the special of 1100CC only comes out "86 hp and only accuses 2 kg more on the manufacturer's scale.

The Scrambler 1100 also inaugurates a new instrumentation.Always entirely digital and always in black and white, the screen of the large Italian scrambler has an additional part which makes it possible to isolate the two main information: the speed and the indicator of report.The original journey of the front brake hose is preserved: passing significantly above the counter, it never disturbs the sight of the pilot.

Simple and effective, commodos allow you to quickly scroll through additional information (see practical aspects and equipment on page 4) or to select one of the three engine modes.The electronic arsenal is supplemented by an ABS on the angle, of which the Triumph Scrambler 1200 also benefits...But in its high -end version only!Let's discover together the XC version with "simple" ABS on the next page...