Equipbaie 2021: new solar protections carried by the RE2020

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Equipbaie 2021: new solar protections carried by the RE2020


The changing climate and the importance of summer comfort in the RE2020 put the emphasis on sun protection. Equipbaie 2021 showed a synthesis between roller shutters and adjustable sunscreens.Equipbaie 2021: new solar protections carried by the RE2020 Equipbaie 2021: new sunscreens supported by RE2020

Photo: ©Dank architect Thibaut Chanut – System Profiles

Traditionally in housing, sun protection is roller shutters. Which, moreover, play a role of protection against burglary. In the tertiary sector, on the other hand, solar protections are rather fixed protections in caps and, above all, external BSO (Brise-Soleil Adjustable) or incorporated in openings or walls with multiple glazings.

During the Equipbaie 2021 show, SPPF and FLO-Fermetures Loire-Océan, both members of the Bouyer-Leroux group, best known for its terracotta bricks and tiles, exhibited several new exterior sun protection solutions.

Flo-Fermetures Loire-Océan highlighted a very innovative convergence between the exterior BSO and the classic roller shutter. Called Majorca and manufactured in the Cholet factory, this system is a compromise between the roller shutter and the BSO. It combines, according to its manufacturer, the comfort of the BSO and the safety of the roller shutter. It can be installed both in new construction and in renovation thanks to an external box.

The Majorca slats from Flo-Fermetures Loire-Océan are made of extruded aluminum with a section of 54 x 9 mm. Majorca reaches maximum dimensions - above all dictated by the weight of the shutter and the power of the available motors - of 2800 mm in width and 2450 mm in height, i.e. a maximum surface area of ​​5.9 m². It is available with a cut-off or quarter-round box of 150 mm for a bay height of 950 mm, in boxes of 160 mm (1250 mm), 180 mm (1650 mm) and 205 mm for a height of bay of 2450 mm. © Flo-Fermetures Loire-Ocean

Equipbaie 2021: new sunscreens worn by RE2020

The Mallorca deck is made up of fixed slats in the upper and/or lower part, which give it great rigidity and allow you to create a sill, the height of which is chosen when ordering (4 slats minimum). The rest of the slats being adjustable, descending in an oriented position (raised outwards) for, for example, natural ventilation, an unobstructed view of the outside, penetration of natural light, but also preserved privacy.

Blades pivot to a fully closed position. The motorization is, for the moment, offered in Somfy RTS or io Filaire. Mallorca is available in anthracite gray RAL 7016 S or white. In new construction, Majorca roller shutters/BSOs can be controlled by automatons to play their full role in strategies for maintaining summer comfort (natural ventilation + natural lighting + sun protection), reducing heat loss in winter and anti-intrusion security throughout the year.

Roller shutter box and acoustics

In housing, acoustics are becoming increasingly important. In new construction, very often the critical point of the sound reduction of a facade is in the roller shutter box. SPPF, a member of the Bouyer-Leroux Group and a close cousin of Flo-Fermetures Loire-Océan, offered at Equipbaie 2021 a new roller shutter box that is particularly effective from an acoustic point of view.

Stylbloc by SPPF is an interior and discreet roller shutter box for bay units. SPPF has developed this box because a growing number of CCTPs require a standardized sound reduction DNT,A,TR of at least 50 dB(A) between the building and the outside, while providing access from the inside to the bay block for after-sales service. This new concept of ½-lintel bay unit is suitable for upstairs windows, in individual houses but especially in collectives.

Indeed, in vertical collectives, the level of range of services tends to increase and designers demand all at the same time better aesthetics, flawless acoustic reduction and easier maintenance. SPPF took these requests and synthesized them in this bay block with access from the inside to the roller shutter compartment, discreet, aesthetic, offering acoustic reduction between 53 and 59 dB(A) and from the thermal point of view a Uc = 0.7.

Developed in partnership with Bio’Bric, the Bouyer Leroux Group’s brand selling wall bricks, the new bay unit offers an adapted brick reservation that makes the roller shutter box completely invisible from the outside.

Stylbloc is available for panel sizes up to 3000 x 2350 mm and is compatible with masonry from 150 to 200 mm. SPPF will have an individual FDES for this product in the course of 2022. It is offered with an io-home control wireless motorization and any other motorization with wired control that customers request and adapt to the bay block. ©SPPF

A self-supporting roller shutter concept for timber frame houses

Futurol has presented a self-supporting roller shutter, Izi'Rol, specifically designed for timber frame houses and tunnel installation, attic shutters and veranda gutters. This self-supporting shutter adopts enveloping tulips, which can be unclipped from the side panel, allowing quick dismantling of the curtain for any maintenance operations.

Rigid, the locking mounting of the guides on the sides, offers the possibility of installation by a single installer, depending on the configuration of the site. The cheeks consist of a metal skeleton, integrated into a fiber-reinforced plastic body. This design brings solidity and technicality to the whole. In addition, the assembly without overhang with slides of reduced width, optimizes the light of day.

Developed by the Futurol Design Office, it incorporates a pendulum lock and a clipped fork, allowing quick locking and unlocking of the winding shaft. When they are mounted, the struts are no longer screwed but clipped onto the cheeks. Three maneuver options are available: a motorized maneuver with Futur’com solar power supply and radio control, a motorized maneuver with mains power supply (radio or wired control) and a manual maneuver by oscillating rod.

Futurol's new self-supporting roller shutter will be NF Closures certified. The maximum width can reach up to 4 meters. Made in factories in France and composed mainly of aluminum and plastic, it is infinitely recyclable. ©Futurol

A "smart" articulated arm awning

Lux, an articulated arm awning, is part of Harol's "Minimal" collection. With its square box, Lux has a closed box system, which protects the fabric against dust and stains. It features "invisible wired arms", with two galvanized stainless steel wires per arm.

The folding arms have been tested to over 30,000 cycles, the equivalent of opening and closing twice a day for 25 years. Additionally, the system features dimmable LED lighting in each arm. This swing arm awning meets wind class 2 standards according to EN13561:2015.

If the wind is blowing too hard, the wind sensor closes the awning automatically. Thanks to a rain sensor, the awning closes automatically so that the canvas does not deform under the weight of the water. And, if the sun is shining, the sun sensor will automatically open the shade to keep the heat out.

Lux offers the choice between wall mounting and ceiling mounting, it is possible to mount the blind either on the facade of a house or under an awning.

Lux is equipped with a Sunea Io motor and is easy to use thanks to the io control which can be connected to the io-home control control system for building automation. ©Harol

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