[Gear] The 6 best poles for alpine skiing

27/12/2022 By acomputer 352 Views

[Gear] The 6 best poles for alpine skiing

Too often, skiers neglect the choice of their poles, assuming that they all offer the same characteristics. Fake ! And if the explosion of ski touring has changed the situation a little, skiers realizing that a pole could be telescopic, foldable or even sheathed, it is the simplicity of a pole dedicated to alpine ski competitions which carries this impression that nothing differentiates a stick from another. And yet! We have selected a few particularly interesting and effective products. Must-haves!

Komperdell Schnapspole

Available from our partners: Ski precision

Made of aluminum with a diameter of 19 mm, this somewhat special stick hides a 0.2 liter alcohol reservoir for an empty weight of 327 grams and overall 200 grams more before the first sip! It comes with a funnel so it doesn't mess up and has a steel tip and race washer, so small. For around 70 euros, it is an unmissable luxury!

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Black Diamond Vapor Carbon

Available from our partners: Snow InnHardloop

While this one-piece pole was initially designed for ski touring, it is above all extremely versatile with its 75 mm puck, ideal for powder but not bothersome on the piste, and its long-grip handle in ultra-light foam, perfect for mountain walks. approach in skins. Made of carbon and glass fibers, it weighs only 171 grams in 125 cm. A must have.

Kerma Vector Hybrid 12

Made partly of carbon (20%), this extremely versatile pole features a Safety Grip strap that releases from the pole in the event of an accident or avalanche. At 250 grams in 125 cm, it remains light and offers a set of two easily interchangeable pucks, a typed track of 60 mm in diameter and one more oriented towards powder of 85 mm.

Fatcan Conic 18

Italian specialist in ski poles, Fatcan offers a colorful range including an interesting choice of customization via their website. For this pretty fluo orange conical stick (also available in green) made of aluminium, Facan offers a translucent handle and a 50 mm washer. Not simple, but effective!

Salomon SC1 Ergo S3

Available from our partners: Snow Inn

This alpine pole made of composite (combination of fiberglass and carbon), offers the comfortable and ergonomic Ergo S3 strap which, as a bonus, is released from the pole in the event of an accident thanks to an ingenious spring system. A sober and well thought out product, for a reasonable price.

Komperdell Carbon Bamboo Cloud

High-end stick combining carbon and bamboo as its name suggests, it is remarkably light with its thin diameter of 16 mm. The leather handle and wrist strap set enhances the finish for a total weight of only 163 grams. A straw !