7 things you didn't know about love juice

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7 things you didn't know about love juice

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by Eloise Bouton

Published on April 10, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. Updated on April 10, 2017 at 12:00 a.m.

Celebrated by rappers, love juice is also a first name and a precious stone, but it is above all a vaginal secretion. We took stock of this little-known substance.

Women's bodily fluids have always been scary. They have blue periods, wear white lace panties, swirl skirts and roll around in fields of sunflowers when they menstruate. They may sweat when they give birth or run the 100 meters at the Olympics and their poop smells like violets (most of the time, they don't poop). Obviously, the love juice is no exception to the rule. Here are 7 things you didn't know about this vaginal secretion, because we did everything to hide it from you.

Latin… and feminist origins

The term “cyprine” comes from the Latin “cypris” – nickname of the goddess Venus in Cyprus – and “cyprinus” which means “copper”. During Antiquity, invoking the holy cyprine was therefore not naughty. It was in 1973 that the word took on a sexual connotation, when feminist activist, novelist and essayist Monique Wittig used it in her book Le Corps lesbien. Under her pen, love juice designates what she calls “the cream”, that is to say the substance that women produce when they are sexually excited. We then find the term in 1985 in the Erotic Dictionary of Pierre Guiraud, then in Le Petit Robert in the 1990s. It is then presented there as a “vaginal secretion” and a “physical sign of sexual desire”.

The symptom of a forbidden desire

Obviously, who says feminine desire says taboo. Thus, in certain regions of southern Africa, love juice is considered dirty, repulsive and justifies “dry sex”. This sympathetic practice consists in drying the vagina before any sexual intercourse, in order to make it cleaner and tighter to offer the best possible conditions to the penis of Mr. In our Western culture, we are taught everything about sperm, (used to give birth-to-pee-to-cum) and part of the women's press constantly gives us all kinds of advice (“To swallow or not to swallow?”, “ It's good for the skin”, “Ideal for a protein diet before the summer”). And what about the love juice? No information on the subject. But what could be more normal in a patriarchal world which renders abject or guilty any bodily production of the Fâaame. While the male seed is erected as a symbol of fertility and virile omnipotence, the existence and importance of love juice are simply silenced.

A multifunctional lubricant

However, love juice plays a key role in the well-being of the female genitalia. This transparent liquid composed of water, bacteria, urea, acetic and lactic acids, complexes of alcohols and glycols, provides permanent hydration to the vagina. It also serves to maintain the pH of the cervical mucus (contained by the cervix), thus avoiding irritation and other inconveniences. Apart from its protective function of the vaginal flora, cum prevents the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) -as far as possible of course, it in no way replaces a condom!- Above all, it is the physical symptom of sexual desire in women. women and becomes “overflowing” in case of titillation.

A protean substance…

7 things you didn't know about cum

Depending on your diet, your use of alcohol or drugs, the timing of your menstrual cycle, your age and your genes, your cum changes in color, taste, texture and smell. The degree of sexual arousal, pregnancy, lactation and menopause also influence its appearance. In addition, certain drug treatments or pathologies, such as diabetes and STIs, can make it less abundant.

…And unique

Although this liquid seems to come out of the same place as white discharge, it has nothing to do with this type of vaginal secretion. The white losses (or leucorrhea) are used precisely to evacuate the love juice as well as the dead cells and the sweat in order to self-clean the vagina. Do not confuse love juice with ejaculate, produced at the time of orgasm. If the two secretions can mix in case of enjoyment, they remain different. Unlike love juice, which is secreted by the vestibular glands located in the labia majora on either side of the vulva, seminal fluid comes from Skene's glands, located below the urethra.

The dean of animals

Cyprine also exists outside the field of sexuality! It can in particular designate a precious stone of blue color or the dean of animals. Indeed, “cyprine” is the nickname of a mollusc with an average life expectancy of two centuries. In 2006, British researchers even discovered a 507-year-old species that they baptized Ming, making the shell the oldest non-colonial animal on the planet. This cousin of clams and clams measures between 10 and 13 centimeters and has a thick yellow-brown shell, verging on black. Moreover, Cyprine is a feminine first name, which, we hope, will be spared to all future generations.

Rappers love love juice

Many contemporary rappers use the term “love juice” in their lyrics. Between fascination and ego-trip, any appearance of the disturbing liquid seems to demonstrate their irrefutable sexual abilities and deserves to be proud of it. From Damso (“Cunnilingus with full nose cunnilingus is not obvious / Hungry sex, long as the beak of a pelican”) to Nekfeu (“Jet of love juice, I surprised you / I beg you, I love you / Delete”) via Kaaris (“A lot of love juice in the shorties / In all the screens and computers”) and Odezenne (“Often the head in the canteen, I draw, I draw / The bitter taste of your love juice, my chops, my chops”), love juice has not finished fueling all the fantasies of the male imagination.

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