After the postponement of season 4, Call of Duty intends to punish racist behavior

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After the postponement of season 4, Call of Duty intends to punish racist behavior

Aha pas de soucis, merci d’avoir repondu et desole si ta boss te fait chier. Après le report de la saison 4, Call of Duty entend sanctionner les comportements racistes Après le report de la saison 4, Call of Duty entend sanctionner les comportements racistes

We agree, if it is following my message that you say that, I am not saying that the whites should feel guilty of anything, it is rather the opposite.The idea is to learn, and to see how we can at our level try to stop these injustices on a daily basis, to precisely avoid arriving at these debordes the.But we must also go through an acceptance of this pass there, look it in front, and see today the inequalites which still have been dragging since the time of the colonies.It is not a question of whipping yourself or anything, but just inquiring that these inegalites have not disappeared, and that they still take root the inside today.

What creates discomfort is that suddenly it is a responsibility that falls on us, being white (I imagine that it is your case too, I can be wrong).

This is true with our prism today, but we must remember that the Rosa Parks and the Martin Luther King were hated by the majority of the people at their time.Today we see them as symbols of a dignified peace and protest, at the time was another lemonade

Once again no one asks us to feel guilty above, but just to learn from that and not repeat errors today.

It is sure that it will not make racism disappear!But in the state is mm not a law that is required, it is respect for those existing, which are applied with a fairly pronounced racial bias in the defective of those who are on the street.And each step forward towards the equalite is positive in my opinion.

Après le report de la saison 4, Call of Duty entend sanctionner les comportements racistes

I allow myself to shorten the quotation for the reader.

I understand what you mean, and I did not say that he was wrong in his posture, we need people like him to actually get crazy against the delicates.I just pointed out that what you were advancing in your first message (no statistics from the burrs of police for white black vs) is false in all the statistics of sites that I have been able to find, including thosecoming from the guy you cite.If there is a downward trend of a statistic, it does not mean that the absolute value is high or low, it only informs a trend, a trend.So to say that the polician burrs of black people in the US fall, it is yes, it is the figures that he advances.To say that these figures do not show inegalitis of treatment between whites/blacks, this is false, pusi that we find data from a factor 2.5 to 8 according to sources, in defective of black people of course.

This is all your honor, but I will rest the question vis -à -vis other demonstrations I told you about, yellow vests, movement civil rights in the US, Manifers against the War of Vietnam etc ... all these things have had theirbatch of violent debord, and it is good for that we hold them.Once again you will have trouble finding covers who say "Now there are cars/barracks that burn", the majority is rather sorry to note that it is only that which makes the lines move.

I don't really know what you are designing by the "left left" since you don't define it here, but here it is a problem of access to the rights of people of colors screws with whites,Not a right/left problem?Or I may have misunderstood what you meant.

Biden was swinging everywhere for this completely Teubee outing, and the guy is checked whatever happens.

I answer to that and to your message above, do not settle on the fact that the social sciences are force to use statistical approximations.This is like saying "on average the boys are larger than women".It doesn't mean that all boys are larger than all women.It just means that if you randomly take a girl and a boy from MM Age, the probability that the boy is larger is bin larger than the reverse.No one asks the boys to feel guilty or apologize, but just when a woman too small wants to mount her suitcase on the train, well if you are a bigger boy you help it, it's really not more complicated thanthat.

There we are in front of a similar thing, if you take a white random and a black at random, you will have: for white, more wealth, better education, no problem of access to employment or accommodation becauseIt is white, etc etc ...

Make this observation it does not imply having to feel bad as a white, just to be ready to take a stand against these inegalites in times where you observe them around you.