Buttocks: symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention

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Buttocks: symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention

The buttock boil is a very specific type of rash, known for the pain and the embarrassment it causes.If you think you have developed this infection, you do well to read this health file.You will learn how to recognize this button among many and how to treat it by medical or natural means.You will also discover here, some tips to better experience this crisis and to prevent future buttocks.

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General on the boil and the buttock fur

A boil is a small hard, red button filled with pus.It can appear all over the body, where there are hairs.Because, it only arises in a hair follicle at the base of a hair.And when it grows at the buttocks, we talk about buttocks buttocks.

The buttock furon does not manifest itself only in adults.It is also found in baby and children.It always appears in the form of a painful and reddish button on its center a yellow point from which the pus will come out.Indeed, this type of button is characterized by the production and flow of pus: we speak of suppuration.

What are the symptoms of the buttock furnle?

The buttock furrow appears under the skin of the buttocks both in adults and in children.Be careful not to confuse it with a pilonidal abscess or a cyst.The latter are responsible for the eruption of pimples above the anal canal and at the level of the interfentry furrow.

Do not confuse either, the infection of the ostio-folliculitis with the infection which is the basis of the gluteal boil: that of the hair follicle.Indeed, in the first case, it is a simple infection of the orifice by which emerges the hair (follicular ostium).This gives rise to superficial inflammation that heals quickly.The gluteal furuncle, on the other hand, represents much deeper inflammation.

The red button on the buttock boil is formed around a hair.It can grow very quickly after a few days.Its size is variable: the latter can be like a pea or much larger like a golf ball.Of course, it carries to its center, a small yellow ball which represents the orifice of the red crater.

After maturation and suppuration, the buttock furrow will heal.Sometimes he will not leave any scar, but other times, yes.In addition, in the area where it appears, the subject will feel signs of inflammation such as tension, pain and redness.But, more often than not, it does not give fever.

What are the risk factors and the causes of the buttock boils?

This section presents the reasons which are the basis of the appearance of the buttock fur and more generally of any type of furoncle.Know that the causes of the buttock furrows in the baby are the same as in adults.

The hair follicle infection

The hair follicle is a cavity (zone) in which the hair is made by grouping of cells by keratinization.There are also the sebaceous glands that produce sebum.When, for one reason or another this cavity is infected, we are witnessing the thrust of an eruption which will be called later: "the boil".

Thus, any type of boil and the gluteal furrow in this case is driven by a deep and acute infection of the hair follicle.Most of the time, the infection will be caused by a bacteria named: "Staphylococcus au".However, it can be other agents present on the skin which are the cause of the infection of the naked cavity.These are among others streptococci, champions or coliforms.

De la folliculite vers le furoncle

You should know that the eruption that appears at stage 1 of the infection is rather called "folliculitis".And when all the follicle cells experience necrosis and the infection gets complicated, the folliculitis then evolves to become a boil.

It is therefore the necrosis (death and decomposition) of cells that will lead to the formation of pus for the elimination of dead cells from the hair follicle.PUS is also made up of certain immune cells.This is explained by Doctor Dermatologist and Veneurologist, Marc Perrussel.

The presence of staphylococcal gîte on the buttocks

As mentioned above, the main infectious agent that can lead to a boil and more particularly a buttock furoncle is the golden staphylococcus.Its presence is therefore a considerable risk factor.Thus, if at the level of the buttocks, an individual has staphylococcal lodgings, he could experiment with repeated boils.It would be a bit like repetitive self-infection.


Funcians in general, are more likely to emerge on the parts of the body subject to friction as with the wearing of too tight clothes.This is why boils that appear on the buttock because of friction with clothes are frequent.

However, other types of skin friction can lead to the buttock boils.These include shaving down.This operation created indeed, an entry door into the internal environment, with bacteria present on the body.Likewise, individuals who practice activities such as cycling or horse riding are particularly risky people.Especially if they carry on the body, staphylococcus gorn.

Lack of hygiene

The buttock boil is also due to the fact that this plundering area is favorable to the proliferation of bacteria and maceration.This, especially in a lack of hygiene.Thus, this parameter is one of the most important causes of the occurrence of a buttock boil in adults as in children.In addition, be aware that not regularly changing the layer is one of the main causes of the gluteal furrow in baby.

Contact with a person with golden staphylococci

Furoncle fessier : symptômes, causes, traitements et prévention

The main bacteria responsible for the buttock furon is a contagious agent.So when a healthy person comes into contact with someone who carries the infectious agent on the body, he is contaminated.From now on, the bacteria could enter its inner environment through a folliculitis or an opening to give a boil.

Other causes of the buttock fur

The appearance of this type of boil also depends on the nature of the individual's hair at this level of his body.If by their characteristics, they have difficulty evacuating from the hair follicle, the subject will tend to suffer a lot from this problem.The fragility of the skin as well as a context of decrease in immune defense and fatigue are among the parameters that increase the risk of the occurrence of a gluteal flourcle.

Hyper sweating, that is to say intense and abundant perspiration can also be the cause of this problem.Furthermore, in the case of recurrence or chronicity of the appearance, what is called "furunculosis", it will be necessary to seek underlying underlying health problems.It can be:

Who are people at risk?

In general, everything is potentially capable of developing a buttock boil.And that, whatever his age and her sex.However, some are particularly risky subjects.Among other things, there are those who are immunocompromised, this category of people who suffer for example from a HIV AIDS infection.

Subjects that have type II diabetes are also concerned.There are also obese people, those who are subject to eczema or other types of atopic dermatitis.And of course, there are also people who are surrounded by staphylococcus gold.

Is the buttock furnle dangerous?

You should know that the boil is a very contagious evil.On the body of the person who suffers from it, he can easily spread from one place to another.He can also contaminate another person in immediate entourage.

However, in most cases, it is not dangerous.Generally, it is born and grows normally.On maturation, he lets the pus flow and after 8 days, he is already healed.But, there are certain cases which prove to be much more complicated like when it is accompanied by fever.

Note that overweight and diabetics will tend to develop boils repeatedly. Et même en dehors de ces personnes, dans le cas général, lors​​que les furoncles apparaissent fréquemment, on parle de furonculose​. C​’est ​d’ailleurs, ​un cas plus compliqué que celui d’un furoncle isolé.

There are also special situations where several of these eruptions occur in the same place, we will speak of anthrax buttocks.All this remains without counting isolated boils, but which are extremely large and painful as well as those who grow anus.The latter often evolve towards serious complications.

In all these cases, you must immediately contact a doctor.

Conventional medicine: How to treat a buttock furon?

To quickly get rid of a boil, it must be treated.This will aim to bring it to maturation, to avoid its deep and locally distribution and to also avoid recurrence.

To do this, several treatments are offered by conventional medicine.It is possible to use antiseptics, skin or oral antibiotics and even use surgical interventions.

Local antiseptics against the buttock furnle

Local antiseptic products are sufficient to treat the isolated boil.The products prescribed by doctors are most often, chlorhexidine (Biseptine®, Plurexid®, Cyteal®, Hibiscrub® Hibitane®) or hexamidine (transcutaneous® hexomedine and hexomedine solution®).

To apply them, you must above all be, make sure you have your own hands.Then you will have to soak a compress with the products and apply it to the lesion.Finally, make a dressing to protect the whole and reduce the risk of contagion.

Still within the framework of disinfection, you can use triclocarban (septivon® and solubacter®), sodium hypochlorite that is found in the form of amukine® as well as ioded derivatives like dermal betadine®.

Skin antibiotics against the buttock boils

Sometimes the treatment of the gluteal furon with antiseptics is ineffective.In this case, local antibiotic treatment is required.The most used drugs are MUPIDERM® 2 % made from mupirocin and fucidine® which is developed from fusid acid.

It will be necessary to use the drug for 8 to 10 days, and this, 2 to 3 times each day.After application, it is recommended to protect the button with a dressing.

Oral antibiotics against the buttock fur

Oral treatment can also be envisaged, but in specific cases.Thus, the doctor prescribes an oral antibiotic when the button is particularly large.In the case of gluteal anthrax, that is to say when several boils are found in the same place, this type of treatment can also be adapted.

In case of furunculosis (furuncle recurrence) or when the infection worsens, the use of oral antibiotics represents an effective option.Here are details on the best known treatments the clindamycin and pristinamycin.

For clindamycin, it takes 1.8 gram per day, and this in 3 sockets.A patient over 100 kg will rather take 2.9 g.Pretinamycin also has the same dosage in the 2 cases: 3 grams per day in 3 doses, and this for 6 days.

Surgical interventions against the buttock fur

If the buttock furrow lasts too long, that is to say several weeks, it will be necessary to undergo a minor surgical operation.This is generally done under local anesthesia.The surface of the button is incised.Which allows the evacuation of the pus.Drainage is therefore facilitated.

Note: whatever the treatment followed, it must be accompanied by impeccable hygiene to have a better effect.

What natural remedies to treat a buttock boil?

It is possible to use natural remedies against the buttock furn, especially that this part of the body is not sensitive.So, if the eruption is isolated and has no complications, here are some treatments that could help you.

Essential oils (HE)

Many essential oils have properties to fight the boils.Thus, the essential oil of the tea tree would be ideal because of its inflammatory virtues.To use it, you have to put 1 to 2 drops on the eruption.This, 2 to 3 times a day until the complete disappearance of the buttocks.

Instead of the Tea Tree essential oil, it is possible to use true lavender essential oil.This could help you because of its anti-inflammatory virtues.However, for more efficiency, you can make a mixture of several HE.So you need:

  1. L’huile essentielle de l’arbre à thé ;
  2. L’huile essentielle de lavande vraie ;
  3. L’huile essentielle de laurier noble.

Pour respectively 60, 60 and 30 drops of each of these HEs in an empty bottle and follow the same dosage previously stated.Note that instead of noble laurel's essential oil, you could use that of Ajowan.Both have the same anti-infectious virtues.

Note: the use of HEs is not recommended in women who are breastfeeding or pregnant women.Epileptic people, those with hormone-dependent cancer, those that are hypersensitive and those with more generally health problems should not apply it.

Do not use babies either until the age of 3, except medical advice.And even for the child over 3 years old, you have to ask for the advice of a professional.

Bardaine flowers

The use of burden flowers is a recipe for phytotherapy to fight against the buttock fur.The infusion of these flowers has anti-inflammatory virtues.It helps both prevention and healing of any type of skin condition.

In place of bardanes flowers, some phytotherapists also recommend echinacea flowers.But the latter have immunostimulant properties.They are therefore contraindicated in pregnant women, subjects suffering from immunosuppression or autoimmune disease.


In naturopathy, it is possible to use onion to treat the buttock boils because of its antiseptic properties.This also accelerates the maturation of the young boil.To this end, apply onion compresses to the lesion.

To get it, wrap in a gauze, an onion washer that you will change every 3 hours until the button is matured.In this recipe, the onion can also be validly replaced by lemon.

Hot water compresses

Naturopathy also recommends hot water compresses so that button maturation arrives quickly.The purpose of this therapy is to promote vasodilation.Necrotic hair is thus more easily expelled.For effective results, apply this treatment for 10 minutes and this 4 times a day.

After that, it is necessary to dry the game delicately by tapping it with cotton.Then pass, a local antiseptic, then place a sterile compress and a dressing that will have to stay there until the next renewal.In addition, when the pus has evacuated, it is necessary to stop immediately the use of hot water.Otherwise, the contact of humidity with the wound could cause the multiplication of bacteria.

Homeopathy remedies

Homeopathy suggests various treatments to prevent the buttock fur or to cure it.Generally, suffering people are prescribed from the Hepar Sulfuris Calcareum 30 CH.This product should be consumed as soon as the button appears.Pyrogenium 9 CH is associated with it and the cure lasts at least 3 days.

If despite this, the boil does not diminish, another stronger treatment is recommended.This is the Tarentula Cubensis 9 CH or the Siegesbeckia orientalis 5 CH.If, despite all these care, the situation tends to worsen or stagnate, it is advisable to go to the hospital without waiting.

How to prevent the appearance of a buttock furoncle?

The gluteal furon is a very annoying evil even in its simplest form.Even if there are processes to cure it, it would be better to prevent its occurrence.Here are some recommendations to reduce the risk of its occurrence:

Keep an impeccable hygiene

It is important in this dynamic, to always keep your body clean.More specifically, the parts that could macerate must keep impeccable hygiene.To protect them, it is possible to apply talc there.Mainly, when you want to practice intense physical activities.

Favor cotton underwear

Underwear made with synthetic materials promote heat, perspiration and therefore the development of bacteria in the private parts.To limit the risk of gluteal boils, it is therefore necessary to favor cotton underwear.

Try to limit contamination

As mentioned above, the boil is transmitted from one individual to another.Similarly, the staphylococcus golden, the bacteria that causes the boil the most is also contagious.To do this, watch out for the people with whom you get in touch is a key to avoid this problem.Also avoid sharing or lending underwear or towels.

On the other hand, if you are already suffering from the boils, you will have to prevent it from spreading on your body.For this, you must wash at high temperature all laundry having been in contact with the eruption.The responsible bacteria will thus be eliminated.

Some tips when you have a boil

Apart from treatments, there are a few small arrangements to help you better experience a buttock boil.Find below, some tips to take into account when you have this problem.

What to consume ... or not!

If you experience an episode of furoncle, it is recommended to drink magnesium chloride until it goes.To do this, put in 1 l of water, 20 g of the compound.Take 1 glass of this mixture in the morning and evening.

It is also recommended to consume foods that are rich in zinc and vitamin C.They can strengthen your immune system and allow you to better face discomfort.We must also favor foods that have anti-inflammatory properties.This is for example turmeric, garlic, onion, etc..

In this sense, you should then avoid foods that contain added sugars.They actually have pro-inflammatory actions.

Never manipulate a folliculitis or a boil

First, it is not pleasant to handle and touch a boil, because the area is already painful.And far from relieving you, this gesture will only be used to irritate the subject more.This may also send the pus more in depth and have it diffused.

Mais ce n’est pas tout, ​manipuler la lésion​ peut avoir des répercussions bien plus dangereuses et potentiellement mortelles. En effet, ​ce faisant, vous pouvez faire pénétrer des bactéries sous la peau.This could cause a serious and generalized infection (septicemia or septis).

Avoid bursting

You should never unravel your buttock fur. Lorsque le furoncle affecte un enfant, le parent doit surtout veiller à ce que ce dernier ne tente pas de ​crever le bouton ou ne se gratte pas. Sinon, ​vous​ rend​ez plus​ facile la propagation sur le corps.Instead of bursting, it is better to make it mature thanks to the remedies for buttocks mentioned above.