Coats: find out what the straps placed on the shoulders are really for?

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Coats: find out what the straps placed on the shoulders are really for?

There are universal questions that have no definitive answer, but some specialists still try to shed some light, like the American cosmologist who certifies that there is no life after death or the divorce lawyer who explains how to know if you are ready to spend the rest of your life with the same person.

Straps placed on the shoulders? No, it's not decorative!

And there are the other questions, those that we never ask ourselves, but whose answers are no less surprising. After the question on the usefulness of the small pocket in the jeans pocket, here is the one concerning the buttons located on the shoulders. They are indeed a visible detail on coats or jackets such as perfectos, but what are they really for? An Englishwoman lifted the mystery on Twitter. Francheska Horsburgh, 18, expressed her astonishment in a publication that has gone viral: "It was at 18 that I learned that the funny buttons located at shoulder level on jackets are used to hold a bag in place to that he does not fall. Who knew that? ". Yes, to us too, it gives us a corner…

Straps placed on the shoulders: an explanation that has gone viral

Obviously, the young woman was not the only one to be in the dark since her tweet was "liked" more than 165,000 times and shared 67,000 times. Another netizen named Nick Stay clarified the answer, referring to his military background: “Many of the items that make up army uniforms – shirts, jackets, overcoats – are equipped with straps. They were created to hold backpacks, ammunition and bayonets in place. They often wear rank insignia and regimental insignia.” Everything is explained ! Tweeters, who mostly thought the details were merely decorative, in any case expressed their gratitude to Francheska and acknowledged that the idea was ingenious. And you, did you know that?

Coats: Find out what coats are really for straps placed on the shoulders?

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