Damart: "Regard, me? Never!"- Madame Figaro Icon / Brand / F Plume Close the panel Open the Icon / Brand / F Pen

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Damart: "Regard, me? Never!"- Madame Figaro Icon / Brand / F Plume Close the panel Open the Icon / Brand / F Pen

"Work is health, thermolactyl is to keep it" if you know this slogan, you are probably no longer a millennial, and this is not a reproach.Failing to bring out the advertisement (misappropriation of the song by Henri Salvador, not very digital native either), Damart intends to have its famous thermolactyl fiber to young generations carried its famous fiber to young generations.To do this, the company born in 1953 and based in Roubaix (and still owned by the Despature family) operates a recipe causing it in the fashion industry: collaboration.The partner of the moment?The Standard Parisian start-up, known for its wardrobe of cool and accessible essentials.

Eleven pieces from 35 euros

For a few days, a Damart capsule collection and Standard house has been on sale on the merchant sites of the two brands, but also in the Marais boutique du Jeune label, as well as in the concept store of the North Company, open in Lillelast November.Eleven pieces (t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, tracksuit, etc.., from 35 euros) made in the famous fiber.The sign of recognition?The logo, a standards whose D is that of Damart, pierced with a red lightning."Our collaboration dynamic actually dates from three years ago, under the leadership of our CEO Christine Pageot Arrival in 2011," explains Agatha Colin, Damart France communication director.The reflection has been as follows: the brand, in recent decades, has rested on its achievements and has ended up being kidding.Our typical client is a senior woman ... of whom we are very proud.But we do not have a good press with the following generations.The over 50s consider the mark as that of their mothers, the over 40s like that of their grandmothers.We heard women tell us that they liked our products but that they cut the label so that their daughters do not make fun of them.As for young people, they just don't know us.Now, our values, the fact that our image is not damaged - the company has experienced difficult periods, but has never experienced dry layoffs - the fact that innovation lives everywhere in our walls, the fact thatWe are creators-fabricants (we fully master the industrial process of this magic fiber) has everything to interest creatives and the general public.Especially today, when the underwear is part of the contemporary wardrobe, being more and more easily.»»»»

A mixed and millennial casting

A reflection that convinced Uriel Karsenti, the entrepreneur who launched Maison Standards as a pure fashion player in 2013: "I am 43 years old and I grew up with thermolactyl!As a child, I didn't have television and yet I repeated the slogan "Cold, me?Never ”, smiles the Parisian.Like many people around me, I like the idea of transmission between generations and, as a designer, I am fascinated by history products.Nowadays, the modernity of fashion goes through clothes that speak at several ages.This is the strength of such a collaboration: Damart came with his fiber, we with our cuts.We were also able to intervene on the texture by scraping the fleece of sweatshirts, playing on the logo and sign a communication in the mixed cast and millennial casting.»»"If the Roubaix company slowly operates its moult, ready-to-wear which represents three-quarters of the turnover will continue to target the unambiguous seniors.“On the other hand, thermolactyl aims to touch mothers for their children, young adults and their parents.There is no age, nor degree of reluctance to carry it, says Ms. Colin.We have been copied in the past, notably by Uniqlo (which launched its Heattech thermal fiber in France in 2008, editor's note).However, our technology is better with five degrees of heat, allowing to create spring clothes and parts adapted to extreme temperatures.»»»»

On video, the clip from the Damart X Standards collection

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