In Afghanistan, the Taliban made the body of women the enemy n ° 1

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In Afghanistan, the Taliban made the body of women the enemy n ° 1

After twenty years of relative freedom for Afghan women and the hatching of a generation of sportsmen, researchers, women politicians, artists, journalists, employees in the health professions, the restoration of the emirateIslamic of Afghanistan in August sounded the death knell for this emancipation.Zarifa Ghafari, mayor in exile, Zakia Khudadadadi, Taekwondo champion, Kimia Yousofi, sprinter, among others, - 100 % male.The women had fought for twenty years to become visible.Islamic law is now the sum of erased from public life and to set out under the niqab or the roasted burqa.Testimony of Nassim Majidi, co -founder of the Samuel Hall Research Center based in Kabul and Nairobi, researcher specializing in migration and displacement of populations.Asia, Africa and Europe are the three continents it has been traveling for over ten years.

Madame Figaro.- Is the body of women taboo in Islamic vision? Nassim Majidi. - Dans la loi islamique, la charia, la loi-cadre révélée, la pureté du corps des femmes est un élément lié au sang menstruel.But it is the notion of "modesty", present in the Koran, that the Islamists instrumentalize to impose the veil which hides the woman in the eyes of all, except those of her husband.Myself, I was born in Iran in 1981, two years after the Islamic Revolution of Ayatollah Khomeyni.My grandfather was imprisoned.My father exiled in France, despite his attachment to his native country, to spare us the veil, to my sister and to me.

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Une femme émancipée représente quel danger pour les talibans ?En 1996, les talibans ont découvert qu’ils pouvaient confiner les femmes entre les quatre murs de leurs maisons.They didn't forget it.They were locked up between four walls with six or seven children, as well as the parents-in-law.Intimacy is destroyed.This confinement has a devastating impact on their mental health.What has always struck me during my field experiences in Afghanistan is the importance of women: they are at the center of daily life.They decide everything, except for the number of children ... Over the wars and forced trips, men understood that women can trap at home.Religion has been so instrumentalized, it has so obliterated the local culture that we do not know the existence of poets, embroiderers, weavers and Afghan designers.This traditional culture, however, allowed women to make their voices heard between 2001 and 2021.

At university, classes are no longer mixed. Que cherchent les talibans ?À dissuader les femmes d’étudier.To discourage them.To dry up the flow of students who have entered universities for fifteen years.The imposed port of the niqab lets see only the eyes.Young women must leave the classrooms before men, but wait parked like animals that men have left the building;So they go away.It is very pernicious: the body of women is put on hold, assigned to passivity, assimilated to dirt, danger, monstrosity and left behind.Women crying.

En Afghanistan, les talibans ont fait du corps des femmes l’ennemi n°1

Si on ne voit plus que les yeux à travers le niqab, ces yeux voient et peuvent documenter le mal qui leur est fait ?Oui, ce qui les soumet à une énorme pression.Students and nurses will be lookouts.If they are silent, they will develop mental pathologies.If they testify, they expose themselves and risk their lives.This is untenable and that is what awaits educated Afghan women.

À force de recouvrir les femmes, d’enseigner la pudeur et de lui adjoindre le concept de la honte, connaissent-elles leurs corps ? Et les hommes en connaissent-ils le fonctionnement ?Pas du tout ! Dans le monde rural, les Afghanes ne connaissent pas leur système reproductif, ni même la contraception par des méthodes naturelles.They seem separated from their bodies, deaf to its functions, and cannot put an end to the multiple procreations imposed by husbands.The bellies strike would be inconceivable there.

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The body is veiled as soon as women are old enough to have sex, to inspire and to experience desire. Qu’en est-il des fillettes et des femmes ménopausées ?Si le corps a passé l’âge d’être pénétré, il peut redevenir visible, car désexué en quelque sorte.In this logic, older teachers will be able to teach students.Their bodies no longer count ... in the same way, the little prepubes girls can do shopping outside, or serve men men.They are not covered since they are not open, not porous as the Horvilleur Rabbi would say, not penetrable, therefore dangerous because they are uncontrollable.The girls are given adult responsibilities because they are not sexually active, while adult women are infantilized ...

Qu’avez-vous ressenti devant les images de femmes effacées sur les devantures de salon de beauté dans les rues afghanes ?Ce n’est pas anodin.Beauty salons were meeting places for women.Attractive storefronts obscuring the sight of the street.Inside, women found themselves to laugh, tell their lives, make fun of men, experience solidarity and sorority.Unbearable places for the Taliban.

Les femmes vont-elles être les premières victimes de la crise humanitaire qui menace ?Quand les tensions sociales liées à la pauvreté montent, ce sont les femmes qu’on bat.Their body, locked in the house, becomes a release for the husband and domestic violence explodes.

Vous êtes pessimiste ?Quand je suis arrivée en Afghanistan en 2007, j’ai été frappée par la façon dont les femmes occupaient l’espace public.We Western, we are walking fast in the middle of the sidewalk.There, outside of Kabul, the women took small steps and walked by shaving the walls.It seems to me to summarize the situation of Afghan women: pass, slide, do not occupy the ground, do not be seen and always be able to flee - by a perpendicular street.Today they can no longer flee.

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