London Grammar, all fire every woman - the orient day

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London Grammar, all fire every woman - the orient day

In a clip, his character reduces a house in ashes: Hannah Reid, at the head of London Grammar, is in reconquest as an artist and woman, and makes him known in a pop album and enveloping.

The fairy tale that turns into a nightmare is also a classic of the music industry.When the three members of London Grammar enter the playlists, with their first album in 2013 (If you Wait), they plunge into the spinning spin/promotion of the field."We were made to believe that it was normal, that this is what we had to do, but it is not a scheme that suits everyone.Some artists can shoot indefinitely, they like it, draw energy there, others need to find a balance with time at home for creation.I can't write on the road, ”explains Hannah Reid.

The pocket of "Californian Soil", the 3rd album of the London Grammar trio, which is released tomorrow at Becaus.

London Grammar, tout feu tout femme - L'Orient-Le Jour

Added to this painting the work of sap of Misogyny in the environment.The technicians do not move when the author-interpreter requires an adjustment, a problem that the two boys of the group do not encounter, Dot Major and Dan Rothman.Same thing for photo sessions.It is forced to put a mini-skirt while the other two can keep the clothes they had at the supermarket.

The end of the tour for the 2nd album, published in 2017 (Truth is a Beautiful Thing), marks a breakup.It is first of all the body of Hannah Reid who says Stop, perclusted "of chronic pain"."In fact, I tried everything, acupuncture, yoga...What helped is a change in dietetics, meditation and above all speech therapy, she says.Word that she also takes within the trio and naturally becomes the leader by posing frames and safeguards for the rest of the adventure.The Californian evening cover, which is released tomorrow Friday (at Becaus), illustrates this new deal.Alone on an island, under a threatening sky, its image is reflected on the water: the thinking head of London Grammar has come out of storms and can look in the ice."There is loneliness, vulnerability, this image of force and, yes, unconsciously, being able to look in the mirror.»»

The idea of the new start irrigates songs like Californian Soil and America."I use the metaphor of the American dream to describe what happens to me.When I lost my health, I felt like I was losing everything and I almost rebuilt everything from scratch.»» Le sentiment de ne plus rien avoir à perdre sert de carburant.The video of How Does It Feel sees it set fire to the house where a boyfriend, soon ex, did not take it seriously.

And in the showbiz, are women better considered now?"I noted a change (...) in the way people speak to me, respect me more, but (...) awareness of the music industry is not yet at the level of Hollywood with the movement#Metoo.»» Le 3e album de London Grammar, plus lumineux que les précédents, est un message d’espoir à tous ceux qui se sentent ignorés.

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