Pantone 2022: Here is the color our trendy clothes will have

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Pantone 2022: Here is the color our trendy clothes will have

True to its habits, Pantone announces the color by highlighting the ultimate chromatic palette that will hold our lives.Because if last year the company highlighted the Ultimate Gray and the yellow illuminating, it seems that this year the situation is somewhat changed.

This time, the color chosen is under the sign of creativity, delicacy and meditation, and invites you to dream.Her name ?Very peri, in other words a perfect fusion between various "blues' qualities" and "a touch of red-violet", as Pantone points out which insists on the character traits specific to this purple nuances.A chromatic palette that according to the American giant "encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression".

Pantone color 2022 Very Peri: How to see life in purple?

Conversely, what one might think, the nuance Very Peri has not given way to chance, but was chosen according to an in -depth analysis of current trends and an estimate of those in the making.From fashion, technological innovations, including decoration, each industry is affected by this colorimetric election.

Pantone 2022 : voici la couleur qu’auront nos vêtements les plus tendance

And it is by being referenced as the Pantone 17-3938, that the hue Very Peri symbolizes both romantic feelings and solitude.News terms that find a real meaning in this complicated year.As proof, the mauve is also the means of redefining communication by allowing "to express and symbolize ideas and emotions" according to Pantone, which goes in particular through clothes.

Because it is now proven, the colors of the clothes we wear have a psychological attraction on us, and influence the way others perceive us.The good news ?The 2022 star color is one of the easiest to appropriate.How ?By carrying the mauve in total look, or by touch.For example, we think of a purple turtleneck sweater, which is associated with a black pencil skirt, rising lushy -style boots, then a faux fur coat.

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