Skims x Fendi: Fashion of the intimate post-confines

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Skims x Fendi: Fashion of the intimate post-confines

Triangulation between lingerie, party dress and interior pajamas, the collection imagined by Kim Jones and Kim Kardashian West is an ode to the photogeny of the intimate.

Rumors were therefore true.Kim Kardashian, queen of sheathing clothing with her skims brand, and Kim Jones at the head of Fendi and luxury icon 4.0, merge the time of a collection.The result ?Velve legging, a ductile tube dress, a vaporous tights, all completely logotypical, and carried by an inclusive casting at barbiesque attitudes in a lizar.Combining loungewear chamallow and nude cocktail cloakroom, this wardrobe is increased by a rereading of the it-bag Baquette Chain de Fendi.

Scheduled for November 9, the collection is already praised by the Wall Street Journal which crowns the surreal duo of the title of innovator of the year.“We share the desire to repel borders,” said Kim Kardashian.

Intimate, public, below, above, reality and fiction ... The ex-reality reality TV transgresses the limits and reshapes with this luxury cobranding the meaning and the very function of the changing rooms.Here the hidden clothing becomes adornment, and the loungewear takes an aesthetic of evening clothing.There, the pieces sculpt bodies for IRL life, telling a relationship with the appearance transformed by repeated pandemics, and a luxury plunging into metovers.

“Kim Kardashian is a transhumanist icon because she lives and exists on the digital border.She is emblematic of the transition to social media technology, ”explains researcher Sarah Marilyn Barrick for whom Kardashian is a real indicator.

Skims x Fendi : la mode de l’intime post-confinement

If Kim claims a union around the ethos of inclusiveness (the capsule offers a wide range of size), is it to dress the IRL bodies, or cover our pixel flesh?

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Intimacy hacking

If the capsule is very real, designed in innovative materials, it draws from the immediate past of the visual culture of confinement.High waist panties, transparent bra: x Fendi skiings diverts comfort lingerie - intimate and domestic permits - in luxury ornaments, and is part of the summer trends 2022.At Dior, the bras are worn with a light Bermuda in a boxing, won over t-shirts at Isabel Marant, and are deconstructing a neon way for post-Cavid raves at Ottolinger.

Diverted and stylized, these pieces refer to a private body, staged again and again in confined influencers.Indeed, the rules of the digital presence evolve in 2020 during the COVVI-19-and Kardashian takes the lead today by making this new comfort the basis of his marketing with Fendi.

Shapewear and peach peach skin hanging in the middle of a broken white wall: it is in this decor both private and impersonal that these collections immediately sold-out-out are launched.His daily stories punctuated by fittings and advice for Internet users, correspond to the notion of extimility described by the psychiatrist Serge Tisseron.Characteristic of social networks, this opposite of intimacy corresponds to the desire to show a part of his intimate, both physical and psychic life "in order to better appropriate it thanks to the exchanges aroused with loved ones", he writes.

Thus, in the interstices of the networks, these clothes are not synonymous with unveiling, but of construction.With skims x Fendi, our virtual bodies become real, but always ready for a photogeny 3.0.