The 15 best fashion films to see absolutely

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The 15 best fashion films to see absolutely

Cinémala life all fire all flame of Yves Saint Laurent, the youth of Gabrielle Chanel, the underside of prestigious magazines, behind the scenes of the world of modeling...What if we took advantage of the summer to immerse ourselves in these extraordinary destinies and flamboyant stories that make fashion a fantasized, brilliant, terribly attractive universe?

By Manon Garrigues

Facetious, surveys, poignant, hysterical...Express Guide of the best fashion films to see at least once in his life.

Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

The film Yves Saint Laurent de Jalil Lespert retraces the tumultuous life of one of the greatest French designers, whose personal life and creations are intimately linked.From his appointment to the head of the Dior house in 1957 to the creation of his own house in 1961 via his meeting with Pierre Bergé, the film by Jalil Lespert endeavors to deliver all the genius and the complexity of the designer.His inspirations, his fittings, the parade of the Russian ballets in 1976...Triumphs and descent into hell respond to the rhythm of the just and mimetic interpretation of Pierre Niney, who wins the César for best actor, eclipizing that more decadent of Gaspard Ulliel, who slipped the same year in the skin of the designer for the saintLaurent de Bertrand Bonello.

The Devil dresses in Prada (2006)

When Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway), a young journalism graduate, is hired as assistant to Miranda Priesley (Meryl Streep), chief editor of influential fashion magazine, the culture shock is quite explosive.The one who did not worry about her appearance and drew a certain contempt for the small superfiners of the fashion environment will have to deal with this cruel world, and Miranda will not spare him.Funny and creaky, this adaptation of the eponymous novel by Lauren Weisberger published in 2003 is irresistible.

Saint Laurent (2014)

Bertrand Bonello seizes the Saint Laurent myth which he marries a hint of suffering and scandal.The director plunges his spectator in the 1970s which he idealized and that Yves Saint Laurent dressed in racked elegance.Darkening in this time of effervescence and madness, such is the subject of biopic which is also a divagant odyssey in the head of a creator of genius.In his skin, Gaspard Ulliel, who delivers here an intense interpretation of the intoxicated man of work and who to forget his demons, drowns in the party, the drugs and the stories of a one night.

Funny Face (1957)

Before the Devil dresses in Prada, there was Funny Face.Another era, another myth, that of an existentialist Cinderella in Paris Fifties, camped by Audrey Hepburn.In this musical signed Stanley Donen, one of the last significant examples of the classical Hollywood musical, Joëlle dit Joe Stockton, a bookseller from Greenwich Village passionate about Parisian "Ampathicalist" philosophy, becomes in spite of herself the new face of Quality, a magazineAmerican fashion, under the authority of the all -powerful editor Maggie Prescott and the star Dick Avery photographer.In a Paris worthy of a post-war postcard, lulled by the music of George and I will go Gershwin, Joe and Dick fall in love, and reconcile two universes that a priori all distant.

Coco before Chanel

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From his childhood to pension to his starting arms in Paris through the birth of his fashion house, the Coco Biopic before Chanel by Anne Fontaine returns with modesty on the romantic life of Gabrielle Chanel, who gave himself toBody lost in his work as in her love stories.Audrey Tautou gracefully embodies this great Mademoiselle who released the body of women by her sleek clothes to free lines.The French director takes the side of being interested in the Glory before, perhaps the most interesting to understand the woman behind the fashion figure, and depicts an injured woman, bruised by her abandoned childhood and her tragic loves.An elegant and touching film, like Coco finally.

The Neon Demon

A young girl arrives in Los Angeles to launch a modeling career.Its meteoric rise, its beauty and its purity arouse jealousies and lust.Some girls bow before her, others are ready to do anything to steal her beauty.In competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, the film The Neon Demon by Nicolas Winding Refn reveals an Elle Fanning more disturbing than ever.

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009)

Paris 1920.The name of Coco Chanel is on everyone's lips.Wealthy Parisians flock to the store of 5 rue Cambon to offer themselves female and refined creations stamped Double C.Behind the scenes, the designer is broken by the loss of her lover, Boy Capel, disappeared in a car accident in December 1919.Until she meets the composer Igor Stravinsky, who had divided with her coronation of spring, presented at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées a few years earlier.Fascinated by the charisma and personality of the artist, who fled the Russian revolution, Coco Chanel decides to host him in his villa of Garches, him, his wife and his children, and becomes his mistress. C'est cette liaison passionnelle que le réalisateur Jan Kounen met en lumière dans son très beau film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, dans lequel Anna Mouglalis et Mads Mikkelsen incarne ce couple de génies à l'ego surdimensionné.

Who are you Polly Maggoo?(1966)

A satire revealed in fashion and television in the eye of American painter William Klein.Paris, 1966, Grégoire Pecque (Jean Rochefort) meets the model Polly Maggoo (Dorothy Mac Gowan) as part of a baptized television report who are you Polly Maggoo?.Voluntarily disjointed, this wacky story has lost nothing of its delightfully sixties charm.

Haute Couture (2015)

In this 2015 Australian film directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, solar Kate Winslet puts on the costume of a talented stylist who returns to her native village in Australia after having known success in Europe.A return not so innocent since the young woman intends to take revenge on her neighbors, responsible for her childhood injuries.Under its shame of stuffing, haute couture paints the vitriol portrait of a sclerotic society where rumors and unsaid fuel this common community on itself.

Phantom Thread (2017)

The story of the Reynold Woodcock fashion designer (Daniel Day-Lewis in his latest role) which reigns over the London Glamor of the 1950s.An elegant fashion chronicle sewn with a beautiful love story signed Paul Thomas Anderson, awarded the Oscar of the best costumes in 2018.

Zoolander (2001)

En 2001, on retrouve le duo comique formé par Ben Stiller et Owen Wilson qui comptabilise ensemble pas moins de 13 films au cours des vingt dernières années, parmi lesquels Startsky & Hutch (2004), la trilogie Mon beau-père et moi, et les deux films Zoolander.The two actors were also partners on screen in the Tenenbaum family of Wes Anderson the same year.In this completely barred film, we follow the adventures of the star Derek Zoolander model, embodied by Stiller, who underwars brain washing by big names in ill -intentioned fashion.We meet David Bowie, Milla Jovovich or Tom Ford, Natalie Portman and Lenny Kravitz.

Personal Shopper (2016)

When Kristen Stewart plays the Tormented Personal Shopuses in this disturbing film by Olivier Assayas, crowned with the staging prize at the Cannes Film Festival, his costumes are signed Chanel, of race.Muse of the fashion house from the Paris-Dallas art parade at the end of 2013, the actress is disturbing as assistant haunted by the ghost of her twin brother, who likes to put on dresses stamped double C, which she stealsto her employer...

Ready-to-wear (1994)

Shot during the fashion week in Paris in the spring of 1994, ready-to-wear led us into the whirlwind of Paris Couture upset by the suspicious death of the president of the ready-to-wear union in a traffic jam.The film is especially worth a look for the irresistible and elegant duo formed by the two monsters of Italian cinema, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni.

The truth if I lie ! (1997)

Desperate unemployedness, Eddie (Richard Anconina) is hired by a Jewish boss of the textile warehouse (American Dream) in the Sentier district in Paris.The catch?He is not Jewish and pretends to be such to be able to make his hole in this environment.But the truth still does not resurface.

Confessions of a shopping addict

Becky has a problem: she is addicted to shopping.For her, spending is feeling alive.The height when you are engaged in a financial magazine to advise readers on their savings.Hiding to those around him and especially his charismatic boss his neurosis, the heroine will have to face her silk demons at the risk of getting lost.

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