The trend of heated clothes - the team

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The trend of heated clothes - the team

All sportsle heating clothes market, still stammering, grows and diversifies.

Part of the soles, shoes and gloves, the trend of heated products now ignites our entire wardrobe, from jackets to underwear.

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One of the main functions of a garment is to protect from the cold.But now this mission is growing with the boom of intelligent textiles, capable of heating on demand.Concretely, these are small electrical resistances integrated into the fabric which transform, through an exterior battery, in heat source.Technology, often coupled with a phone application for more efficiency and precision, does not innovate.For two decades, it has been used to heat gloves, soles and socks.

La marque française Therm-ic a initié la tendance des vestes chauffantes.

But, for a few winters, it has risen the body and has now slipped into our sweaters, jackets, jackets and other clothes in the skin such as underwear and t-shirts.Initiator of the trend, the French Therm-IC brand, which equipped with gloves, jackets and heated socks the Nims Dai Nims Dai mountaineer in January, during her ascent of the K2, the second highest peak in the world (8,611 maltitude), launched its first model of its kind, a sleeveless vest three years ago."We observe a recent explosion of the offer, especially of the textile part," confirms François Duvillard, managing director of Sidas (import and distribution company of sporting items), owner of therm-ic since 2013.According to the manager, heated systems will equip almost all winter clothes within five years.

"We immediately see the effect of the weather"

La tendance des vêtements chauffants - L'Équipe

Amandine Rousseau, Snowleader brand marketing manager

In store, the demand still stammers.But interest grows."Some very cold temperature sequences last season have allowed rather good sales.We immediately see the effect of the weather, ”notes Amandine Rousseau, marketing manager of the brand specializing in the outdoor snowleader.According to Clim8, Lyon start-up born in 2016 which developed a thermal technology allowing, using algorithms, to regulate heat according to certain parameters related to the user (size, weight, sports practice...), the French heating clothing market increased from 12 % to 18 % last year.

"Marque-Ingrédient", like Gore-Tex, Clim8 sells its technology to certain claws (Odlo, Ixon, Burton Snowboard, North Face Japan), which then integrate it into their collections.Odlo has thus had for three winters of a range of I-thehermic heated sports clothes which increases the temperature on the shelves of the old camper: "Our sales of jackets of this kind are counted on the fingers of one hand, but theODLO underwear is very successful, especially female models, explains Aymeric de Rorthays, director general of the brand.Consumers prefer to wear a very hot underwear and keep their freedom in the choice of the jacket.»»

Les consommateurs préfèrent porter un sous-vêtement très chaud sous leur veste de ski.

The trend also interests more mainstream claws, like Roxy, a female surfing brand and snowboarding, which has been selling two jackets since fall 2019 - a skiing and a lifestyle typed - equipped with Warmlink technology.This consists of a panel made up of a carbon nanotube integrated into the lining and placed in the lower back of the jacket."We consider this position as the best, because the heat is still spreading, it therefore travels the entire back," specifies Xavier Duhalde, responsible for innovation at Roxy.This carbon nanotube activates thanks to a small outdoor battery located in the pocket.»» La chaleur se règle grâce à une application dédiée et à un bouton intégré au manteau.

Count 300 euros for a jacket

If winter sports leisure remains the natural playground for these clothes, other markets could benefit from it.Alphanauri, the Italian Formula 1 stable founded by Red Bull in 2005, and the Schoeller mountain specialist thus developed a lifestyle and urban capsule collection.Same bend on the therm-II company, delighted to observe that its first heating jacket model had sold for the practice of skiing and outdoor, but also as an accessory of everyday life.

"Since confinement, travel and bicycle travel have grown strongly," notes François Duvillard, from Sidas.People therefore need more heat.»» Pour le responsable, aucun doute : la mobilité urbaine et le travail en extérieur permettent l'essor des vêtements chauffants.Even if prices can cool a little: count on average € 300 for a heating jacket worthy of the name.

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