When absorbent panties become ultra-chic

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When absorbent panties become ultra-chic

Notice to die-hard fashionistas looking for a chic silhouette in all circumstances! So the standards of contemporary elegance no longer ignore comfort, a new range of underwear reconciles dapper aesthetics and protection of formidable efficiency and also allows the wearing of particularly sophisticated toilets. More and more of them are succumbing to it. Their favorite piece? The new TENA Silhouette washable absorbent panty, which allows you to stylishly ward off the discomfort of a sometimes too invasive panty liner while avoiding the inconvenience of an unexpected micro-leak*. In short, the finesse and refinement of a panty, plus TENA performance.When the absorbent panties are made ultra-chic

A panty named desire

Because such is the singularity of the latest TENA creation: a feminine and refined aesthetic, which draws its design from the stylistic codes of traditional lingerie. Made in a superior quality fabric embellished with precious lace, the panties with subtle couture details are desirable, like those underwear that make us feel like a woman while imperceptibly turning into a second skin. A sense of charm and discretion that comes in a deep black, a shade that allows it to be easily associated with all outfits in the female wardrobe. And because they are more fashionable than ever, the TENA Silhouette washable absorbent briefs come in two trendy models adapted to different body types: an easy-to-wear low-rise version and a high-waisted version that covers the lower belly to the navel while refining the silhouette.

Neither seen nor known

When absorbent panties become ultra- chic

Imperceptible, they are nonetheless formidable allies for women who have light urinary leakage. And for good reason, beyond its top-of-the-range design, the washable TENA Silhouette briefs guarantee an invulnerable look, their construction ensuring triple absorption against leaks, odors and humidity. Protection that absorbs as much as a TENA Discreet Ultra-Mini panty liner and that gets its effectiveness from the thin absorbent pad placed invisibly in the crotch. Made up of several layers with different functionalities, it slips into a fabric that respects the skin and is very pleasant to wear, without anyone suspecting its existence. Shocking technology, therefore, for an ultra-chic look.

Green chic!

And because contemporary elegance also involves responsible fashion, we will not remain insensitive to its resolutely sustainable dimension, the TENA Silhouette washable absorbent briefs imposing themselves as an alternative attractive to disposable protections. Reusable wash after wash, up to 50 cycles in the washing machine at 40 degrees, it has been designed to reduce the amount of waste by 75% compared to traditional TENA panty liners and pads and by 50% the carbon footprint generated . An ecological feat that the French brand completes with 100% recyclable packaging and OEKO-TEX certification. And if it was that too, the height of chic?

*Compared to TENA panty liners and pads used with regular underwear. The calculations were made on the basis of life cycle analyzes – a tool for calculating the environmental impact of products and services. In the scenario evaluated, two TENA washable absorbent underwear (washed fifty times at 40°C) were compared to an equal mix of three disposable products worn with regular underwear.

Medical device. For any information, please refer to the instructions on the brand's products. Ask your doctor for advice. August 2021. Essity France (SAS).

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