Abidjantv.net Transpiration tasks under the armpits: the tips to get rid of it

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Abidjantv.net Transpiration tasks under the armpits: the tips to get rid of it

The best solutions and advice to avoid halos and all types of traces in the armpits.Nothing worse than displaying halos without knowing it.White clothes have the annoying tendency to yellow and blacks to whiten in the armpits.The reason ? Perspiration.To cope with these annoying halos, there are several methods.Concealment (not very hygienic), cleaning (for the most motivated) or the fight against sweating to attack the problem at the source.

If you do not have the household qualities of Tony Micelli and your deodorant plays tricks on you, here are some tips for hiding all types of traces.For those who are used to wearing shirts, the easiest way is to put a body jersey or a t-shirt below.An ideal solution in winter, a little more complicated in summer.In this case, two options are available to you: an anti-Aerreoles t-shirt, inspired by "Dri-Fit" or "Clima-Lite" technologies created by large sports equipment manufacturers, or more simply a black t-shirt.Be careful, Lorenzo Lamas' favorite outfit is enough to hide any halos during the day but always ends up leaving nasty white traces ...

If you sweat when you are stressed, a natural material like wool can become a precious ally.And for good reason, the fiber absorbs an amount of sweat above average before appearing wet in the eyes of those around you.Conversely, if you are constantly sweating for no apparent reason, maybe you don't support the materials of your clothes.To advise only two, cotton and linen are perfectly recommended during a sweating due to the clothes you wear.The first is hypoallergenic, comfortable, absorbing but also very breathable.With him, the body does not suffocate and regulates itself perfectly.The second dry very quickly and has a welcome quality of absorption.

Another possibility, patches for armpits.Available in several sizes, they stick inside a shirt and absorb perspiration throughout the day.Only drawback, although discreet, are a bit uncomfortable.

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Tips to clean yellow or white stains

These few tips should avoid or hide the traces that may appear on your clothes.If this is not the case, it's time to take the next step: cleaning.The fastest is then to get a specialized stain.But if you are more of the macgyver type, the king of the resourceful, here is how to make a yellow or white anti-draw cream efficient and inexpensive.In a bowl, pour 3 teaspoons of baking soda and 2 other white vinegar.Mix well.Then brush the sweating spots using your preparation and leave for 45 minutes.Rub the sensitive areas well with a small brush then put everything to the washing machine.Your favorite white shirt should thus regain its yesteryear and avoid buying a.Oxygenated water, aspirin and sorrel salt are also part of the "grandmother remedies" to remove the perspiration stains From your white clothes.Whatever your choice, the technique remains the same: dip your clothes in the solution, leave a handful of an hour and wash it immediately after.Good to know, aspirin or sorrel salt directly in the drum of your washing machine allows you to rekindle the white color.

As for black clothes, it's about the same thing.Soak your shirt or t-shirt in 150 ml of white vinegar for several hours.Then go into machine, alone, at the highest possible temperature depending on the fabric.Add the equivalent of a can of beer in the laundry tank during spin mode or soak your clothes in coffee are two of the many tips to preserve the intensity of the black and make the stains of sweating disappear.If nothing works, it is because the traces are too encrusted.In the future, do not let traces settle down and remember to wash black laundry apart by possibly adding dedicated wipes.

How to combat sweating?

The best solution to avoid halos and traces is still to limit perspiration.For that, here are some simple tips.First of all, use an anti-trace deodorant suitable for your skin such as the Intraçable Tri-Diffusion spray 72 hours From Mennen.Then, a good general lifestyle avoids many inconveniences.One shower a day or after sport and perfect drying using a towel - especially in the armpits and intimate areas - constitute compulsory passages.You will eliminate bacteria responsible for bad odors.Likewise, it is recommended not to consume certain foods, known to promote sweating.Garlic, onions, spices are to be banished From your Freshness diet, as well as too hot or too cold drinks, those that contain caffeine and alcohol.In some cases, they can be responsible for taste sweating.This is an almost immediate sweating due to the disruption of thermoregulatory sensors located in our mouth.Ingestion of these foods or drinks can also give birth to night sweating.

Finally, adapting your clothes to the outside temperature is essential.You have to find the right middle between covering yourself too much or not enough.In the metro, remove your coat and put it back when you are back outside if necessary.By bike, the body creating heat, try not to dress too much.Last tip, already seen above, favor light and loose clothes - clothes that are too close to the body prevent your skin From breathing and promotes the appearance of sweating - in linen, cotton or wool according to the season.These natural materials let air pass and facilitate thermal regulation of the body.With all this, halos and other unsightly traces should no longer be a problem