How often should you wash jeans?Here is what experts say

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How often should you wash jeans?Here is what experts say

Do you have to wash your jeans every time you put them on?Washing clothes is a question of hygiene and can even help keep them in good condition, but as regards jeans, this is a question that has aroused a heated debate between those who claim that it is better to avoidwash this garment and those who say that it must be done regularly.

If you are a normal human living in the world of today, there is a good chance that you have more than one jeans in your closet.You certainly have them in different colors, shapes and textures and you know what your favorite is.It is also very likely that you wear it almost every day of the week and that you hate these moments when you have to dress a little more "formal" and that you cannot put them on.And it is also likely that, like many others, you do not know exactly when you have to wash them, or if you have to do it all and which of the two positions of the debate is the right one.

There are a few basic rules that everyone should follow with regard to their jeans: do not iron them, wash them with white clothes or wear them too low, for example.But beyond, it is free ground and it is up to everyone to decide what to do with them to make sure they will not shrink, will not collapse or not tear in an area that makes youChanging them is the only solution.

A quelle fréquence faut-il laver un jean ? Voici ce que disent les experts

The question of washing and its frequency is one of the most important because the way you do it can extend or shorten the life of your favorite pants.

How often should you wash your jeans to make them last longer and stay perfect?

Some clothes need wash after being worn but with regard to jeans, there are opposite positions that can be confusing.

Space your jeans washes is better for the environment and it keeps your pants like nine longer without forgetting that it reduces the amount of clothes you need to wash every day.It's always a bonus.

According to Clothes Doctor, experts in detergent, jeans should only be washed once a month (which also applies to materials such as flax, silk and synthetic tissues).On their Instagram account, they wrote: "And if we told you that many fabrics do not require frequent washing and in reality it is better to wash some as little as possible?"

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