How to remove white traces of deodorant on clothes?

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How to remove white traces of deodorant on clothes?

If you too have already ended up with nasty white traces on your pretty black dress, raise your hand!Well, so not too high...Rest assured, it happens frequently, even to the best!Fortunately, there are some simple tips today to remove the nasty traces of deodorant on clothes, and thus start the day in style (and without stress!).

How to remove recent traces of deodorant?

We plant the decor: you are already late, and you notice an unwanted trace of deodorant on your favorite garment.However, he was lucky that one...Do not panic, you probably have alcohol at 70 ° at home, and it will do the trick.Soak a towel or another alcohol linen, and come and stamp the traces of deodorant.If these were not too old, then you should quickly see a difference.Your favorite clothing is now without stains, you will be able to face your day without fear.But beware, once this day has passed, it will be necessary to automatically put it by washing machine!

How to withdraw the traces of more tough deodorant?

Whether black, white or bright color, no clothing from your dressing room escapes the traces of deodorant.If the spots are clearly visible and last in time, here are some homemade tips to avoid having to say goodbye to your favorite room.

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