Humans could live up to 500 years according to this scientific study

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Humans could live up to 500 years according to this scientific study

Scientists have just made a revolutionary discovery in terms of aging.By genetically modifying a kind of worm, they managed to multiply by 5 its life expectancy, which applied to man could make us live up to around 500 years.

It was the researchers of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, based in California, experienced genetic modification to increase life expectancy.For this, they have used a specific species of vergeting, named Caenorhabditis Elegans, very often used by scientists for research life expectancy.

Management of molecules and enzymes responsible for aging

Published in the review Cell Reports, this study shows that they were able to act on the genetic metabolism of worms in order to increase their life expectancy.For this, they blocked the molecules which affect the action of insulin and the enzyme MTOR, which regulates growth, mobility and cell survival which all play an important role in life expectancy.They had already managed to increase the life expectancy of worms by 30% only by acting on the enzyme, but by combining the two blockages, the result was exponential.

Les humains pourraient vivre jusqu'à 500 ans d'après cette étude scientifique

The director of the study, Doctor Pankaj Kapahi, explained that this combination has enabled them to increase the life expectancy of worms by 5 because the "two mutations created a beneficial loop within specific fabrics".He makes the parallel by explaining that this would correspond to a life expectancy of 400 to 500 years for human beings.

Towards an application to humans?

The next step will therefore be to renew hope on mice in order to test the mammals.If the results are positive, research will therefore continue to tend towards an application for humans, even if it will obviously be waiting for many more years to see them.Buck researchers believe, however, that these studies will one day be able to lead to treatments to combat aging and thus increase our life expectancy.

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