Reboot of "Sex and the City": this Carrie Bradshaw look is controversial

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Reboot of "Sex and the City": this Carrie Bradshaw look is controversial

While the shooting of "And Just Like That", the long -awaited reboot of the successful series "Sex and the City" is in full swing, a look of the heroine Carrie Bradshaw is scandal on the web.Explanation.

This is undoubtedly the most awaited fashion series of the coming months.If no release date has yet been revealed, the shooting of "And Just Like That", Reboot of "Sex and the City", has already started in the streets of New York.Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will give Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York time for ten episodes, intended for HBO Max..Kim Cattrall, brilliant performer of the eccentric Samantha Jones, is not part of the casting, to the great despair of fans.Last July, the American channel shared the first exclusive photos of the trio, triggering a real tidal wave of comments and sharing on social networks.Striking impatiently to find the adventures of New York friends, the series of the series carefully detail the first looks revealed on social networks.And if the shots of the Carrie Bradshaw Sequins straight dress caused a sensation, the latest look of the famous columnist, he, controversial.

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The forgotten ecological question

Reboot de « Sex And The City » : ce look de Carrie Bradshaw fait polémique

On July 27, HBO Max revealed new clichés from the shooting, including a photograph where you can see Sarah Jessica Parker strolling through the streets of New York, phone in hand.Decrypted by the Instagram account "Just like that closet", its look has not won unanimity, quite the contrary.The interpreter of Carrie Bradshaw appears in a long printed dress with thin straps superimposed to a blue shirt whose sleeves are rolled up.A draft association that left subscribers of the septic account.But what truly triggered their anger is none other than the label of the fluid dress, the latter being clawed from the Fast Fashion Forever 21 brand.An amazing fact for this character with pointed looks, subscribed to luxury houses and emerging creators trendy trends.Above all, by choosing to call on such a label, environmental questions and workers' treatment by fast fashion brands are completely ousted from the show.An astonishing fact when the latter have never been discussed so much in the industry.Will the series succeed in being in tune with its time despite everything?