Men's Winter 2021 - 2022 mode: From the Knightcore leisture, the 9 trends

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Men's Winter 2021 - 2022 mode: From the Knightcore leisture, the 9 trends

The main inspirations of men's collections this fall winter 2021 - 2022: clothing inspired by leisure outfits in the countryside, winter sports."Care" clothing, Knightcore and Marine-Nu inspiration.

Of the five main trends in men's fashion winter 2021

Out lesure, what is it?

L’out leisure, c’est l’expression employée par les stylistes pour désigner les vêtements inspirés de tenues que l’on porte pour partir en promenade, voire en randonnée. « Out » vient de « outdoor » et leisure c’est loisirs en anglais. C’est l’évolution qui remplace la grande tendance de l’Ath leisure. « Ath » pour « athlétique » qui consistait ces dernières années à porter des vêtements d’inspiration sportive même quand on ne fait de sport avec des joggings, des sneakers, des track suits. Un track suit c’est un haut de survêtement zippé.Mode homme hiver 2021 – 2022 : De l’out leisure au knightcore, les 9 tendances Mode homme hiver 2021 – 2022 : De l’out leisure au knightcore, les 9 tendances

"With the lesure out, we are witnessing a style of the urban style to the countryside," explains Thomas Zylberman, stylist at Carlin Creative Trends Bureau.These are relaxation clothes that we would gladly wear when you get green."Following confinements, we observe, on the part of a fringe of the population, an evolution of modes with a desire to get closer to nature," he analyzes.This does not translate into wearing technical clothing, not by performance.The idea is rather to rediscover long time, the bucolic and pastoral aspects of the countryside ".

Concretely, this results in clothes that can be a little technical, water repellent, breathable, but which do not seem very technical, which do not display their technicality.We do not disguise himself as a sportsman leaving for a trek in the high mountains.These are clothes that can be worn every day in town.The fabrics are matt, the colors rather natural.We also find in this trend clothes such as Irish twist sweaters, quilted jackets at La Barbour.There are many pieces of military inspiration such as cargo pants, multipoche jackets, combinations.But also Bermuda, which is quite surprising in winter.

  • Core winter sport

    I invent this voluntarily a little ridiculous expression.Vogue calls him "ski-wear".These are city clothes that look like sometimes ski outfits: ski pants, big jacket, mountain pass.To be found with creators like Sacai, A-Cold-Wall and Fendi.

  • Knightcore, the crazy fashion trend of the year

    Mode homme hiver 2021 – 2022 : De l’out leisure au knightcore, les 9 tendances

    It is a variation of the Royalcore and the Regencycore, clothing styles that are inspired by royalty and the time of the Regency ... Finally rather outfits carried in Netflix series "The Chronicle of Bridgerton".

    The Knightcore on his side is to wear clothes, accessories, jewelry evoking knights and more generally the Middle Ages.This trend is carried by two extremely influential creators in fashion: Hedi Slimane for Celine and Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga.And by creative brands like Egon Lab.The first organized his parade entitled "Teen Knight Poem" at the castle of Chambord with models wearing Victorian collar, nails, large chains, earring representing a knight in his armor, pants of mesh, etc..The second mixes in its winter collection elements of metallic armor with references to video games, NASA, science fiction."It is a transgressive romantic whose imagination is inspired by historical TV series.It is more of styling, worn, personalization with accessories, personal interpretation, than a fashion with series of clothes that we will find in stores ".

  • Homme Fall Fall Winter 2021: The "Care" trend

    "Care", care in English, this is all this mode born of telework."These are relaxation clothes, to recharge their batteries.Clothes carrying a profit expected of well-being, "explains Thomas Zylberman.This is not a new trend.It appeared in 2020 and continues this year, especially in the collections of luxury brands.These are bathrobes, fluid and loose pants like pajamas.Comfortable, fleece clothes.We find above all in luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, A-Cold-Wall and Fendi for example.

  • Nautical inspiration - Marine

    The other big trend, which we find a lot among the medium-high range brands, is the nautical influence with sailor coats, huts, and other clothes cross-closing, marinière marinière.So it's a lot of mesh, wool, navy blue.The explanation of this trend in the middle of winter, when it is usually rather represented in those of summer, is perhaps a response to the desire for escape, to the needs of freedom and adventure.Sailors are carrying this imagination.

  • Fashionable clothes of fall winter 2021 - 2022

    Consequence, or not, of these five trends, certain clothes are very fashionable this winter:


    Cargo pants, which is of military origin, with flap pockets on the sides, is omnipresent on the stores of stores.Declined in three cuts: right, even skinny, tight.Ample baggy with a high waist.And jogg cargo: like jogging but with the characteristic pockets on the sides.

    XXL pants that we saw in Lanvin, Mayner and Dries Van Notten for example.

    City pajama pants.

    Bermuda.It’s original in winter!

  • Winter men's sweaters 2021 - 2022

    There are mainly three trends for the mesh: roller -free mesh vests and sweaters, Irish twist sweaters and turtleneck sweaters.

  • Jackets and coats

    Trench The Waterproof Cross Closure, double buttoning created by Burberry for the British army.Sailor's coats in thick and waterproof wool cloth like the shed recognizable by its cross closure, its high collar and its pockets at an angle.Anorak - Winter sports jackets.Teddy, the American university jacket.

  • Cagoule accessory

    The very fashionable accessory of this winter is the hood, the clutch.

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